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This year W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens' will celebrate its 60th anniversary. That is why this year will be all about the 12th lustrum of the study association. This entire academic year will be filled with special and exciting activities with the recurring theme Trending.

Last year we started to spread the news with two activities, the announcement of our theme with a mural and a cantus. This year we will celebrate this lustrum with many different events. There will be 2 lustrum weeks with social events, business events and some educational workshops.

During each quarter of this year, a number of bigger events will also be hosted. Among these will be a gala, a hitchhiking competition, a symposium and the biggest event will be the hackathon. The attendees of the hackathon come up with interesting ideas based on data delivered by companies and process this in some kind of result, for instance an app or model. The most interesting results will receive a prize for their effort.

We are really looking forward to the whole year. We hope to see you at the different activities! And if you want there is also some lustrum merchandise for sale at CH.

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First lustrum week

10 October - 14 October

To start this year in a festive manner, we will start with lustrumweek 1. This week will begin with a grand opening with a spectacular show, after which we will enjoy a BBQ together. During the rest of the week there will be a lunch lecture by Vincent Warmerdam and a workshop by Optiver. There will be a beertasting at the Koperen Kat on wednesday evening and on friday we will end the week with a `friends from the past'-day, to show your friends from highschool what it is like to study in Delft.

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Hitchhiking competition

19 November - 20 November

Hitchhike to an unknown destination in Europe in a weekend! On the morning of the travel day, the destination will be announced. The goal is to reach this city as fast as possible by hitchhiking. When you have finally reached the city, the group will enjoy a night out and spend the night in a hostel. The return trip is organised by the lustrum committee.


16 December

In honour of the 12th lustrum of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ the Gala committee will organise a luxurious and chique party to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the association, the Lustrum Gala. This is the chance for the guys to show their possible dates how much of a gentleman they actually are! However, there’s a twist. This year's Gala will be held in 2016, which changes the traditions of the gala just a slight bit. Normally, men should ask their significant other to the gala, but because 2016 is a leap year, the tables have turned. Yes, ladies, this year all power is in your hands! You can now let the person you are into know what you, maybe, feel for him or her without having to throw all your feelings on the table. You can get your tickets and extra information on the Gala on our website at http://wisv.ch/gala.

Pubquiz by Alten

18 January

The last activity of the first semester is the pubquiz hosted by Alten. The quiz will consist of all different types of questions or activities. Together with your team you will contend for a prize. Team sizes can vary, but at most 5 players are allowed in each team. So do you know a lot of random facts? Do you have a lot of general knowledge? Do you like to win a prize? Sign up for the pubquiz with friends and have fun! May the questions be in your favor.

Second lustrum week

20 March - 24 March

This week features among others a movie night and a cocktail night. The cocktail night is an annual tradition to celebrate the birthday of our association. Therefore in the lustrum year we cannot omit this grand event. In the /Pub, the bar of the EEMCS building, a cocktail bar will be placed to provide everyone with delicious cocktails. The dress code of this evening will of course be Cocktail.


27 April

One of the best Dutch holidays of the year is the birthday of our King. This year he will be celebrating his 50th birthday. We will celebrate this beautiful day with him, in our Trending orange outfits in Utrecht. On our own party boat, we sail through the canals of this beautiful city. Afterwards our party will continue at one of the many party areas in the city. So celebrate this day extra special this year with us in Utrecht!


1 May

How is your online data protected? Does this online protection still work in the future? We will try to answer these and more questions about cyber security during our symposium themed: ‘The key to your privacy, the science behind cyber security’. The symposium will take place in Theater de Veste in Delft and will be fully catered. During the symposium you will be able to attend a series of mathematics and computer science lectures. Subjects that are going to be discussed are for example web tracking, encryption and quantum computing. Furthermore, there will be a discussion between some of our speakers and a live hacking. The symposium will be concluded with drinks and the possibility to network and share thoughts with companies and other attendees. For more information about the symposium and ticket sale you can take a look on the website of the symposium.


13 May - 14 May

This year, Christiaan Huygens is organizing its first hackathon. A hackathon can be described as an “invention marathon”: small teams of students interested in math, computer science and design get 24 hours to conceive of and build some sort of product or service. The teams then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from academia and industry, who award the grand prize to their favorite “hack.” Partner companies provide the participants with data and software to use, and often award prizes to the teams that make the most creative use of their tools. Our hackathon will be a great place for over 100 students from TU Delft and beyond to show off their creativity and technical skills, network with amazing companies, and – above all – have a fun weekend and make new friends.

End party

2 June

All good things come to an end and so does our lustrum year. However, we will not end this year by silently fading out! We will end spectacularly by throwing an epic #ending party!

Day at the lake

23 June

To end our lustrum year in the sun, we will organise an outdoor day at the Delftse Hout, a recreation park in Delft. During this day, you can relax from all the exams and studying by swimming, playing games and enjoying the sun.


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12th Lustrum Committee of W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens'

Every five years, the lustrum committee makes sure that the Lustrum of our amazing association is celebrated extensively. This year will be filled with all kinds of different activities including among others workshops, lectures, parties and a #Trending Hackathon! Stay tuned for more info, you don't want to miss any of this!

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