Lustrumweek 1

Opening Lustrum

10 October 16:15-17:15

Price: Free

With this activity we will officially open the lustrum year! We will gather at the rugby fields at Sport & Culture. Here we have a fantastic owl show in store for you! This is a fantastic opportunity to admire everyone's favourite animal without even having to leave the campus. Every member of our association needs to know as much as possible about owl and therefore we will even get an informative presentation about these amazing birds of prey. Best of all it's completely free!


10 October 17:30-19:30

Price: €3,-

Our first day of this lustrumweek is all about tradition. For the ancient Romans, each lustrum meant sacrificing a bunch of animals. We like to honour this tradition by organsing a BBQ behind the EEMCS building! Don't worry about the weather! We'll make sure you'll stay warm and cosy during the event! Be aware that tickets for this event are limited!

Lunch Lecture

11 October 12:30-13:45

Price: Free!

Join us for lunch and some food for thought! Our speaker is Vincent Warmerdam, Data Scientist at GoDataDriven in Amsterdam In his spare time Vincent also maintains a blog under the name Koaning and discusses all things Data Science. What little people know about Vincent is that he is also a real-life Pokemon Master through the power of Data Science! Want to know how this works? Come to our lecture and find out!

No need to buy tickets, but you will have to register here!

Beer Tasting

12 October 17:00-18:15

Price: € 5,-

Craft beer enthusiasts rejoice! Come join us for a tour and a beer tasting at 'De Koperen Kat'! Here we will receive a tour of Delft its very own brewery. After this tour we will get to sample some of their finest craft beers together. Need we say more?

Optiver Workshop

13 October 12:45-17:30

Price: Free!

If you are interested in finance and algorithmic trading, we have the ultimate workshop for you! We will visit Optiver at their office in Amsterdam where we will get some hands-on experience with these topics. Note that this activity will take up your afternoon.

Admission is free, but you will have to register here!

Friends from the Past Day

14 October 15:30-22:30(and beyond!)

Price: €5,-

This is a great opportunity to take 3 friends from highschool to show what you have been up to in Delft! We'll start at the faculty at EEMCS so that your friends get an impression what you actually study and in what kind of setting. To help them with this, we have two lecturers giving sample lectures for them. Then they will get a tour throught the faculty. We'll conclude this part of the programme in the /Pub while enjoying beer and pizza! After that we will organise a Pub crawl trough the city centre.

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